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4 Things I'm Going to do Everyday...

...or at least try do to everyday. It started with this post over at one of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom. In it, she outlines 5 things you should do every day, even when life is stressful. They are: 1. Write a short to-do list. 2. Make your bed.
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You Saved How Much?

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. I am addicted to a good deal. Whether it be at the thrift store, or an online sale, or even a free bag of frozen vegetables- I LOVE a good deal! I can't seem to help it. Last week I
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Book List 2014

Last year, I read 10 books total, after setting a goal of 13. This year, I have 10 books on my list, with hopes to read 14. A few are "junk food" books, or books read purely for pleasure, while others are to help me grow in my relationships with
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2013 Book List Recap

Last year I set out to read 13 books. I enjoy reading as a hobby and often look forward to relaxing with a good book. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but that's why there is grace, and I'm thankful for another year to try again. Here's
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This is why my job matters!

A good reminder of why what I do is meaningful, and more than fingerpainting and building blocks... Source
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Classroom Photos

Before our new school year, I had the privilege of changing classrooms with the other preschool teacher. This was quite a task! I went from a classroom that was comfortable for about 8 kiddos, to a classroom for about 18 kiddos! What a change! Here are some photos of the
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