Marianne Mitchell
The Mundane Details of a Wonderful Wife, Terrific Teacher, & Domestic Diva.

You Saved How Much?

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. I am addicted to a good deal. Whether it be at the thrift store, or an online sale, or even a free bag of frozen vegetables- I LOVE a good deal! I can't seem to help it. Last week I
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Book List 2014

Last year, I read 10 books total, after setting a goal of 13. This year, I have 10 books on my list, with hopes to read 14. A few are "junk food" books, or books read purely for pleasure, while others are to help me grow in my relationships with
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2013 Book List Recap

Last year I set out to read 13 books. I enjoy reading as a hobby and often look forward to relaxing with a good book. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but that's why there is grace, and I'm thankful for another year to try again. Here's
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This is why my job matters!

A good reminder of why what I do is meaningful, and more than fingerpainting and building blocks... Source
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Classroom Photos

Before our new school year, I had the privilege of changing classrooms with the other preschool teacher. This was quite a task! I went from a classroom that was comfortable for about 8 kiddos, to a classroom for about 18 kiddos! What a change! Here are some photos of the
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5 Minutes on Friday- Thank You!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to United Way of Central Ohio and IBM for their donation to our classroom! What is it, you ask? Why it was a new computer and desk for housing it! The kids have been having a great time on
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