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The Mundane Details of a Wonderful Wife, Passionate Parent, & Domestic Diva.

Day 22 #behappychallenge

You would think that with being a new mom I wouldn't have much time to read, but actually I've averaged a book a month over the last 5 months. It helps keep me sane. It helps me escape. It helps me breathe. And this book, Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa
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Day 9 #behappychallenge

So it's hard to know if I should do all 30 days in order, even if I miss a day, or if I should just pick up on whatever day it is and (possibly) fill in the missing ones later? In this case, I am going to just pick up
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Day 4 #behappychallenge

It's been a struggle to be happy today. Baby didn't sleep well last night, which meant Mommy didn't sleep well last night. Plus she had a doctor appointment this morning and we were rushing around to make sure we weren't late for that. There was a comment on Facebook that
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Day 3 #behappychallenge

What I Wore, (in detail): From Top to Bottom: Hair down, washed and blow-dried Small "diamond" stud earrings Wedding ring White nursing tank (that I got for FREE from Milk thanks to Aimee at Captivating Corner) White 3/4 sleeve shirt from Old Navy, that has a small brown stain
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Day 2 #behappychallenge

Morning there such a thing with a four month old baby? Well, yes. Sort of. The events in my morning are usually the same. The order in which I do them depends largly on what time the baby first gets up. Today, she was up at 5:46,
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Day 1 #behappychallenge

It's been a rough week. My Grandma had been in the ICU for 2 weeks and on Sunday I got a phone call that my sister was flying to Florida to see her. Basically, it was "if you want to see her this side of heaven, the time to see
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