Will abusive Ex treat his new partner better?

Bubblegum Participant My Ex partner is currently in a new relationship. My Ex has always had some sort of partner but so far never been long time. With current one they are both so happy.

How To Cope When Your Narcissistic Ex Finds His New Supply

I saw my ex on a dating site and it really set me back, despite knowing he is an abuser, because part of me is still mourning the fake him and the fake relationship I had with him which at the time I thought was wonderful. The reality is she is probably and sadly in for abuse like you experienced, as these men are incapable of love and always repeat the same pattern. Have you got a counsellor to talk things through? It sounds like getting it all out would help with an abuse-trained therapist, they can really help validate your experience.

My Ex Is Dating Someone New!

Kelly Rowland talks forgiving Abusive Ex and New Album

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