Monica Reveals the Real Story Behind Her "The Boy Is Mine" Feud With Brandy

8 People Ariana Grande Has Dated

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She didn't have to. Since she dropped her eponymous debut in 2005, much of the attention surrounding the Seattle singer-songwriter has deservedly been focused on something far more riveting. a walloping, from-the-gut voice that shreds through songs like it's some kind of singing chainsaw. Just after she finished up the first leg of a tour the second begins in January and overcame swine flu, Carlile sat down with to chat with Out about the best part of meeting Elton, her arresting girlfriend, and how her gay role models have made it easier to be out. Out. There's a lot of soul-searching on Give Up the Ghost. It's a very candid album -- probably your most candid.

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The family members on the show have broadcasted their dating lives, weddings, and breakups. If you're wondering who have the Kardashians dated , we have the complete list for you.

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