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After the army, I left to go work in Ukhta, northern Russia, where I worked as a driver and sent money home to my family. I fell in love with a local girl and was getting ready to marry her. In the summer of 1982, I came home to see my family. On the first day my parents started talking to me about getting married.

We went back and forth, trying to decide what our first topic should be. The AA Club consists of various Azerbaijani individual women who live all over the world, so as we became closer and got to know each other like family — we quickly agreed on the topic we all had opinions about. How did we feel about dating other nationalities besides Azerbaijani? Knowing our society, our people, and our Azerbaijani mentality, most people are set off when they hear that their loved one is dating someone not Azerbaijani.

You Know You Are Dating a PERSIAN (IRANIAN) Woman When...

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Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist Azerbaijan culture combines the historical, religious and traditional evolving and moulding over centuries to create the modern-day Azerbaijani. Some traits may be familiar and others foreign and contradictory, but this is what makes the country special.

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