Application screenupdating vba not working

Application screenupdating vba not working dating fender precision pickups Many times the macro may do quite a bit with the data, such as selecting different cells, replacing values or formulas, and taking other types of actions. This means that the Excel screen can look like it has "gone crazy" while the macro is running. One thing you may want to do with your macro to make it run faster and to prevent distracting flashes on the screen is to turn off screen updating while the macro is running. The following macro lines will, respectively, turn off screen updating and then turn it back on in a VBA macro. Thus, the main body of your macro can do its work behind the scenes without the necessity of stopping to update the screen. Note. If you would like to know how to use the macros described on this page or on any other page on the ExcelTips sites , I've prepared a special page that includes helpful information. Click here to open that special page in a new browser tab.

excel vba screenupdating false still flickering

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application.screenupdating = true not working excel 2016 -VBA Tips - Run Code Every Hour, Minute or Second

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