Expat Blogs | One Woman’s View On Why Western Women Don’t Date Chinese Men

Men Of Reddit, What Are The Struggles Of Dating A Very Rich Girl? (r/AskReddit)

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In this guest blog, she shares her experiences of being a female expat in Beijing and dating Chinese men. When I first started working in China, many of my trainees suggested I date a Chinese man. According to them, he would help with the language barrier, introduce me to amazing Chinese food, and help me find my way around China much quicker. They were all quick to suggest or knew an eligible candidate. Although this was meant with the most caring intention, I found myself trying to find a way to politely decline, even making up a fake boyfriend sometimes.

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Men Reveal Struggles Of Dating A Very Rich Girl

This goes for Chinese dating too. Depending on where you come from, Chinese culture is probably very different to what you are used to. Or, indeed, other expats living in China from different countries other than your own. This is a down to Earth account about experiences dating in China — the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how to deal with the cultural differences that almost certainly will arise.

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