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Tales Of Online Dating SCAM Trenches (Alvin, part 1): Ouch, $40,000 Scam!

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Dozens of platforms then followed suit. The ways singles meet has drastically changed because of online dating, and a massive amount of data has been collected over the years about the effects of online dating, the behaviors of online daters, and so on. There are Almost 8,000 Dating Sites in the World According to Forbes, the United States alone has 2,500 dating sites, and about 1,000 new dating sites are launched every year. These include everything from Match, the first dating site ever, to Bristlr , a dating site for beard lovers that was founded in 2014.

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Savvy TIP how to catch online dating scammers in Ukraine and Russia (works every time!)

Warning: Here’s a typical Nigerian Romance Scam

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