{CAPCASE}{FIRST-(##)}5 hacks to get faster streaming video and avoid endless buffering##Fast video dating 123

Fast video dating 123 By Eli Epstein 2015-05-12 15.36.29 UTC As Americans step away from pricey cable packages and grow accustomed to streaming on-the-go, they're increasingly using their tablets, smartphones and computers to view media they once watched on TV. See also. Why millennials are increasingly cutting the cord That same year, Americans watched nearly 11 hours of online video a month, a figure that would be higher if it accounted for viewing on mobile devices, gaming consoles and streaming media players. More content on more devices is certainly a positive development, but online streaming isn't perfect. The main drawback tends to be overloaded WiFi networks and channels that lead to video that doesn't load, content that plays slowly and media that constantly lags.

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