Tinder's "More Genders" Feature Hits 25 Million Matches & Counting

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Naively, I felt hopeful and seen. After all, it was rare to see a cisgender, straight tech mogul address the needs of the trans community in such a direct and vocal manner. In March 2018, one Portland trans woman attempted to bring a class-action lawsuit over her account deletion.

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Everything You Need to Know About Queer Dating Apps Share. From creepy messages to terrible dates, the rise of online dating means that just about everyone has some hilariously awkward stories to tell. The world of online dating is full of such opportunities to learn some hard life lessons. So why do we do it? Online dating opens up your dating world to more than just the same fifty people you see at work and at the gym and presents you with a whole world of other possibilities -- at least in theory.

her app

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