Should I Combine Two Mortgages into One?

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The money on a second mortgage might be used for making a large purchase, investing it in your house, sending your kid to college, or financing a business — you name it. Still, in time, the repayment rates might be unmanageable and could make it difficult for you to cope financially. In this scenario, you could choose a debt consolidation loan. Concurrently, you might have the possibility of locking it for a more favourable interest rate. Also, perhaps your priority is paying off your loans ASAP and benefiting from more convenient terms.

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Debt Consolidation Second Mortgage

When you have a a second mortgage, you might be tempted to refinance your two mortgages into one big mortgage. Doing this can lower your overall interest rate and can be convenient because you write only one check for your house payment. However, blending the two loans also has some real disadvantages, including expenses and increasing your legal exposure if something goes wrong and you're not able to make your house payments. Inconvenience Combining two loans into one isn't always an easy process. You'll still need to find a lender and go through its application process.

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