Has Tech Ushered in a Golden Age of Long-Distance Dating?

6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

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And wherever you stand, you ought to know every opinion before you decide for yourself. Pros It gives you a tremendous amount of free time, compared to dating someone that you can regularly see. But other people may be quite fine and normal. The consequences feel lesser. All the emotions overwhelm you.

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It baffles me that people have been doing it for centuries. But my boyfriend and I employ a secret weapon. the internet! Living in the 21st century means you can send love letters instantaneously over email, place long distance calls over WiFi. No one is waiting on someone to send a raven.

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By Candice Jalili Dec 5 2017 I have a lot of respect for people who manage to make long-distance relationships work. Between the money spent on flights, the FaceTime dates, missing out on stuff with your friends to fly across the country, and the abundance of people condescendingly asking you how it's going, it can seem like a nightmare. But if two people really love each other enough to be able overcome those obstacles, well, I'm intrigued and endeared! And in a recent Reddit thread, dudes shared the truth about long-distance relationships , which gives us all some added insight into the highs and lows of that lifestyle. In the thread, these dudes got really personal and deep about their experiences.

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