Khloe Kardashian opens up about living with rapper The Game at the age of 17

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We know the rapper has moved on to dick pics and bachelor life but what happened to Cambridge, the grounded other half, of the former duo? Cali seems to be the most popular [from our family.

Snoop Dogg Dating History 1988-2019 #6 Girls Has Dated

She has an older brother, Christopher. As a child, Kim was sent to a well-regarded Catholic school — Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn — in an attempt to provide a stable learning environment. Kim moved with her mother and brother to suburban New Rochelle, NY, where some of the girls in their new, all-white neighborhood teased Kim about her skin color. But Ruby Mae struggled for money and, unable to support her family, eventually granted Linwood custody of their two children.

The Game's Girlfriend India Westbrooks

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