What A Guy's Soccer Position Says About The Type Of Boyfriend He'll Be

A Day In The Life Of A College Soccer Player - VLOG 26

how to be a soccer girlfriend

The good comes with the bad when it comes to dating a college athlete, but college football players are a different animal. If you are like me and don't particularly have a love for football or pretty much sports in general , getting used to the obsession of sports is definitely a challenge. Something that I was never interested in suddenly became a huge part of my life -- games on weekends, conversations about fantasy football, and watching Madden during free time. I never knew a sport could change so many aspects of my life. The smell.

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20 BEST LOOKING Wives and Girlfriends of Famous Soccer Players

perks of dating a soccer player

By Adam Silvers Feb 17 2016 The sport of soccer, much like dating, is all about playing the field. Nine times out of 10, the team that covers the most ground, and is most fit , will win the game.

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