When Your Twin Flame Is Dating Someone Else

twin flame waiting period

We have all been there that we have tried to move on after we have met our Twin Flame and they had made a run for it. Who will blame you right? In normal 3D romantic love relationships, this would be a sure sign that it is over and done and that it is time for you to move on and find someone new. Well if you are on the Twin Flame journey, you probably know by now there is no real moving on or forgetting each other and this applies just as much for your twin. Trust me, if this person is your true Twin Flame they are just as stuck as you are.

meeting of twin flames unexpectedly one is in a relationship

One of the greatest twin flame lessons that are learned, and endured, is the lesson of cultivating love — without physical contact. Whether we have spent several months, or a few weeks only in the bubble love phase, true twin flames who are absolutely loaded to the rim with energetic, and emotional karma, will inevitably have to endure the stage of separation, in order to balance their energies properly. Typically, this sets off a dark night of the soul for the twins on both paths.

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