Accommodative Monetary Policy

Yellen: 'Monetary Policy Remains Accommodative'

accommodative stance of rbi

Despite all the talk and hopes of a productivity revival driven by ongoing technological breakthroughs, between the 2000-2007 and 2011-2016 periods, total factor productivity TFP growth dropped 0. For advanced and low-income countries, the sharp deceleration in TFP occurred on the back of a slowdown that had already started prior to the crisis. If sustained, low productivity growth would have profound, adverse implications for progress in global living standards, the sustainability of private and public debts, and the space for macroeconomic policies to respond to future shocks. In conditions of high income inequality, low growth also undermines social cohesion, with adverse political repercussions.

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What Is Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy? And How They Impact On A Currency?

accommodative monetary policy vs neutral

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