You Saved How Much?

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. I am addicted to a good deal. Whether it be at the thrift store, or an online sale, or even a free bag of frozen vegetables- I LOVE a good deal! I can’t seem to help it. Last week I was able to snag some amazing deals at the grocery store and had tons of folks asking “How did you do that?” Well, let me break down my grocery store adventures a little bit.

Here’s the “deal” in focus:


  • 2 bags of All laundry detergent
  • 5 bags of frozen veggies
  • 2 bags of rice sides


and spent a total of $1.20!

So, how did I save a total of 95%? Well, first of all – this was a first! I have never saved like this at the store. But, I do save between 40-60% on my grocery bill. Here’s what I do. First, I do what my mom did when we were little. She would shop the sale. What do I mean by that? She would look for what items we needed and used that were on sale, and then she would buy enough of it to last us a while, ideally until the next sale. To shop the sale is easy. I just look through the circular of my favorite store and circle what items we are running low on or are out of. If you don’t get a circular delivered to your home, you can usually check them out online. You can find the link to Kroger’s sale ad online here. And you can see that they have del Monte canned vegetables and Creamette pasta for $0.69. Both of these are items that I like to keep on hand. Now, this doesn’t mean I only buy what is on sale. Sometimes, you need to buy milk and milk isn’t on sale. But, if you are able to buy multiples of the items you use at a sale price, it will save you money in the long run.

Once I have perused the circular, I look to see what coupons I have that match items that I have circled. This will get you the best deal. It’s called a “match up.” I also look online for other great deals that I have missed. For example, I normally wouldn’t purchase the rice sides listed above, but I found the deal posted on a blog, and decided that for $0.50 a bag, they would be a nice change in our menu.

Some of the blogs I check out to find these deals are:

Each blog is a little different, but has the deals listed. If you find their search bar and type in which store you are looking for and “matchup,” you should be able to find the deals.

Then, I make a list. I will list the sale item, sale price, quantity to buy, and if I have a coupon. If I have a little more time, I will list the amount of the coupon and what the total should be. It looks a little like this.

And then I head to the store. Depending on how well you know the layout of your store and where to find your deals will depend on how long it will take. I try to go later on a weeknight and try to find a young male checkout person. They usually tend to care less if your coupons don’t match up as you planned- which reduces anxiety at the checkout.

So there you go. Shop the sale, matchup for the best deal, and make a list. Good luck! And keep at it! It may take a while, but soon, you’ll have a full pantry and fuller wallet.

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