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4 Things I’m Going to do Everyday…

…or at least try┬áto do everyday. It started with this post over at one of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom. In it, she outlines 5 things you should do every day, even when life is stressful.
They are:
1. Write a short to-do list.
2. Make your bed.
3. Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.
4. Do one load of laundry from start to finish.
5. Keep your kitchen clean.

I think this list is very realistic, even for me, a new mom. The only one that I’m going to cross off is doing a load of laundry, mostly because we don’t have that much laundry. Even with an infant, we usually only have 3 loads of laundry per week. Let me explain my reasons for sticking with this list a little more.

  1. Write a short to-do list. I’m a list maker. I really am. I like to write out what I plan to do that day and cross things off. Sometimes, I even cross off things that I know are not going to get accomplished. And sometimes, all the further I get is just writing my list, and don’t actually get to cross anything off. But that is life as a first time mom. My list for the last two days:

2. Make your bed. I do try to do this every day, even before reading the suggestion on Money Saving Mom blog. There is something I enjoy about pulling back the covers after a long day and crawling in to bed. I also like having my bed made because our bedroom is off the kitchen and so I see it often throughout the day. Seeing the bed in order gives me a sense that there is some order in my life. Almost order…

3. Get dressed in something that makes you feel great. This one has been a struggle for me, not only because I am a mom of an infant, but also because there are some days that no matter what I put on, when I look in the mirror, I don’t like what I see. Sometimes it’s the “inner tube” – you know, that weight around your middle – and other days it’s my acne prone skin – and other days it’s the fact that my hair is in a ponytail again. All of those flaws combined almost justify the t-shirt, yoga pants, and ponytail. Almost. And then there was the night that my husband and I went out for date night recently. I decided to upgrade my yoga pants and t-shirt, to a knit skirt with fold over waist band and a fitted t-shirt. We were sitting down to enjoy our ice cream when I looked down and noticed that not only did my skirt have a hole in it, my shirt had blue paint stains splattered all up the front. Talk about not feeling great. And then I read this article and decided it was time for a change. So one afternoon while the goose (that’s my daughter’s nickname) was sleeping, I opened the closet, pulled out the clothes in my under bed storage tote, grabbed a couple trash bags and went to work. Anything that had holes or stains went in the trash pile. Anything that I didn’t love went to another pile to pass on, and everything else went back in it’s place. Because the seasons are in the process of changing, I was able to pull out some clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a while, as well as put all my maternity clothes into storage. It has only been a few days of wearing clothes that make me feel great- and some days I only feel okay- but, I do think it’s making a difference.

4. Do one load of laundry from start to finish. This is the one I don’t try to do. With just the 3 of us, we don’t generate enough laundry for me to do a load every day. I usually just do the 3-4 loads on the weekend.

5. Keep your kitchen clean. Oh the struggle. When my husband and I got married, we came up with a system for laundry and dishes. I would wash and dry the laundry if he would fold and put away. I would load the dishwasher if he would empty it and put away the clean dishes I washed by hand. And it worked. Sort of. Until it was a couple days since the dishwasher had been emptied. Or the laundry sat in the basket for a while. Now, I’m in no way blaming him for things not getting done. I understand there are some days you want to veg out instead of empty the dishwasher. Or your schedule is busy and you don’t have a chance to fold the laundry right away. Over the 4 years we have been married, we’ve tried divvying up the chores, and had success for a while. I think it’s just because who really wants to spend all their free time on chores. I know I don’t And now that I’m home, things are changing again. I usually do the laundry. He’ll help by hauling it downstairs, and helping fold and/or put away. I’ll empty the dishwasher if it’s done and I’ve got a minute while doing something else in the kitchen. I like having the kitchen clean, since I do spend quite a lot of time in there. But over all, we’re still working on this. Like in this photo. Dishes in the sink and on the stove. Food processor that is for my sister on the counter. Platters for a friends wedding there too. And the Rock and Play where Goose hangs out while I cook. Some times good enough is good enough. And that’s ok.

Some final thoughts on all of this. While it’s good to strive to do these things everyday, it’s realistic to expect to not get them all done every day. That’s where I have to remind myself of one of my goals for the New Year: Give myself and others grace. It goes a long way, especially on those “yoga pant wearing – dirty dishes piled in the sink – can’t even find a piece of paper to make my to-do list” sort of days. We all have them.

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