Day 3 #behappychallenge


What I Wore, (in detail):

From Top to Bottom:

Hair down, washed and blow-dried
Small “diamond” stud earrings
Wedding ring
White nursing tank (that I got for FREE from Milk thanks to Aimee at Captivating Corner)
White 3/4 sleeve shirt from Old Navy, that has a small brown stain near the bottom, and I think coffee stains from today too.
Tan and cream striped cardigan from Old Navy, that I bought second-hand while thrifting with my sister
Cheap plastic “silver” bracelet (that I used to keep track of nursing)
Dark wash Old Navy skinny jeans
Tan ballet flats, from Target, that I also bought while thrifting



Side note: I shop at Thrift stores for most of my clothes. I think what makes me successful at finding clothes that fit is knowing what size I wear in common clothing labels. For example, many of my clothes are Target or Old Navy Brand. I know what size I wear in those brands and so I don’t have to spend time trying clothes on. Instead, I can just look at the label and the size and know if it will fit or not.

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