Day 22 #behappychallenge


You would think that with being a new mom I wouldn’t have much time to read, but actually I’ve averaged a book a month over the last 5 months. It helps keep me sane. It helps me escape. It helps me breathe. And this book, Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa Jo Baker, is one I highly recommend to any mom- new or seasoned.


I loved this book. It made my laugh and cry. It made me sigh a sigh of relief. It made me give myself permission to eat a bowl of ice cream, again. Being fresh into Motherhood myself, it was timely. It was encouraging. It was convicting.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the book:

“It’s one thing the read about and imagine the birth stories of a hundred other women; it’s quite another to witness a brand-new being you have pushed out of your own body cough and gasp his way to a first breath as lungs that have never held oxygen before expand for the first time. It’s is one thing to understand with your head that man was made in his Father God’s image; it is quite another to look into the crinkly eyes of a wailing infant and hear his cries soften as you whisper, “I’m your mama” and you see your own image imprinted over his profile. … It is truth that climbs off the pages of Scripture and leaps alive into your arms when theoretical beliefs in a Creator give way to experiencing the act of creation.”

“Its a relief to know that motherhood is hard. This is the gift girlfriends can give one another- the 2a.m. truth about parenting. How it can hurt and which pads or ointments or boxes of chocolates can help ease the ache. … Grace and chocolate cake can cover a world of awkwardness.”

“Becoming a parent is a lot like breaking up with yourself.”

“Motherhood starts out with such a bang- so many visitors, all that roar of adrenaline- that what comes next can be disorienting. Because after the high of childbirth comes a sleepless cycle of days tht all run into one, long, messy, nondescript blur. It’s there’s one thing that can defeat a mother, it’s the monotony. Get up, feed the baby, wash the laundry, change the diapers, do the dishes, make the car pool run, wrestle with the math homework, figure out a new way to make chicken, change the sheets- times 365 days in a row. It’s hard to see the significance when you’re so weighed down by the mundane. And it can feel like everyone else around you is busy doing big, important things while you have worn the same spit-up-stained swathpants three days in a row.”

“God builds all the courage and calling of a lifetime into a storyline big enough and rich enough to encompass kids, passion, work, creativity, and dreams that don’t end in the labor and delivery ward.”

“…I believe God loves us too much to leave us flailing in our self-centered universes, so He delivers these tiny reflections of ourselves into our homes with earthquake effectiveness. The walls and the ground shift as we are forced to rearrange our sleep, our interests, our books, our date nights, our bathroom habits, our love of hot food, our blankets, our vacation plans, our entertainment choices, our interests, our bodies, our patience, and the grip on our sanity into unrecognizable new patterns.”

It’s a book that simply made me say “YES!” She gets it- the joy that comes from the trenches of motherhood.

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